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Sticky Flag Case and Ruler - 04404S
Sticky Flag Case and Ruler
Compact and slimline white solid plastic case with multi-colour sticky flags inside. Ruler at base. Good value giveaway with great print area.
minimum order 250
FROM £0.87 TO £1.14 more info
Abano Ballpen - 01704T
Abano Ballpen
This pen has everything! Its appearance and style are a perfect writing combination thus ensuring the satisfaction of all end-users. The experienced advertiser will choose this model to convey his message indefinitely (it is rechargeable...) while emphasizing his good taste and his desire to easily satisfy all his targets.
minimum order 250
FROM £0.87 TO £1.12 more info
Transparent Pencil Case - 04805V
Transparent Pencil Case
Transparent pencil case made from PVC in five vibrant trim colours. Ideal for student exam use.
minimum order 250
FROM £0.88 TO £1.08 more info
A5 Taped Covers - 04305T
A5 Taped Covers
50 sheet tape bound notepads available with a 1-4 colour print to the sheets and the cover. Also available in recycled paper.
minimum order 100
FROM £0.90 TO £2.26 more info
Recycled A7 Tyre Notepad - 04006S
Recycled A7 Tyre Notepad
Recycled notepads made from UK recycled tyres and recycled paper manufactured in the UK. Supplied with approx 50 sheets of 80gsm 100% recycled plain paper and black 3:1 wire as standard. Pad covers made from 70 - 85% recycled UK waste material with 100% recycled paper.
minimum order 250
FROM £0.92 TO £1.47 more info
ICO Anti Bacterial T-pen - AntiBacTpen
ICO Anti Bacterial T-pen
The ICO Antibacterial T-Pen desk pen, made with unique silver-ion compound which will keep your fingers bacteria-free while you write. Ideal for hospitals, clinics and schools where hygiene is a top priority, there is a long-term antibacterial effect on the surface. This Partner Pen has been designed by ICO with a non-slip base, ideal for ensuring your branding stays in sight for longer, especially with the pen's holder, which features the original ICO T-Pen base. The pen has been assembled with X-20 refill and will write for 2.5km in blue, black, red and ICO green. Line thickness: 0,8 mm. Now made from 30% recycled materials. Antibacterial technology is verified by the Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.94 TO £1.34 more info
Savannah Ballpen - 03303V
Savannah Ballpen
Beautifully styled aluminium ballpen in a metallic finish with shiny chrome trim. Unique push clip action. Large area for a company logo or message. 5 popular colours to choose from. Black ink.
minimum order 100
FROM £0.95 TO £1.02 more info
Fine Permanent Marker - 03501V
Fine Permanent Marker
Markie® Fine permanent marker writes on many surfaces including glass, metal, plastic and foil. Supplied with either blue or black permanent water resistant ink, its large branding area can be printed in up to five spot colours.
minimum order 250
FROM £0.95 TO £1.58 more info
Atlanta Ballpen - 03404V
Atlanta Ballpen
Stunning designed aluminium ballpen with shiny chrome trim. Funky push clip. Available in 3 popular colours and offers a large print area. Will make your company logo shout out!
minimum order 100
FROM £0.97 TO £1.03 more info
DS9 push button ballpen - 01204V
DS9 push button ballpen
The consciously added highlights catch the eye. Viewing the DS9 from different angles is an exciting experience. The rounded end gradually evolves into the oval shape of the push button, while its surfaces are mixed with matt body surfaces clip and button are polished, with a frosted body transparent.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.97 TO £1.26 more info
ICO Sponge - Sponge
ICO Sponge
SB Sponge
Use this ICO Sponge for dampening fingers when needed in the office, for example, when counting banknotes or separating pages. Perfect for ongoing branding as a permanent desk item and available in solid white, transparent black or transparent blue colours.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.97 TO £1.38 more info
Non-slip Coaster - 02704Y
Non-slip Coaster
Personalise your office or home with these simple but stylish round coasters featuring non-slip base and pop of colour around the rubber edge. Made of plastic.
minimum order 100
FROM £0.97 TO £1.03 more info
Executive clients require executive products; this category features an extensive selection of high-quality printed items for professionals. Products such as these guarantee a wow-factor with their quality and stunning designs. You can find bespoke glass awards and trophies to gift fellow executives so that they know how important they are to you or your company, as well as great business card holders so that you can bring your professional name with you wherever you go. 

Our selection of printed golf products are extremely popular with executive clients, as we feature everything from quality bags, to balls and tools. If you have any questions about these promotional golf items please contact us.
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