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4 Colours fashion ballpen - 01306V
4 Colours fashion ballpen
The trendy version of the iconic ballpen features four fashion ink colours: ultramarine blue, deep purple, acid green and pink.
minimum order 250
FROM £1.49 TO £1.91 more info
Matrix XL Clear Ballpen - 01004R
Matrix XL Clear Ballpen
Retractable ballpen with translucent barrel and ergonomic soft grip section complemented by solid metal tip and matt chrome clip. Fitted with a blue plastic G2 super large refill.
minimum order 150
FROM £1.59 TO £1.74 more info
Cuba Metal Ballpen - 02707V
Cuba Metal Ballpen
Twist action ballpen. An elegant metal pen with a high gloss finish.
minimum order 100
FROM £1.79 TO £2.89 more info
Jura Highlighter & Ballpoint - 03502R
Jura Highlighter & Ballpoint
Metal ballpoint with twist action mechanism. A handy yellow highlighter is stored in the top of the pen.
minimum order 100
FROM £1.82 TO £2.29 more info
Lincoln Mug - 06201T
Lincoln Mug
The Lincoln is slimmer than other earthenware mugs. Decorated by direct screen printing. 100% dishwasher proof. Get your message in the hands of decision makers.
minimum order 72
FROM £1.90 TO £2.42 more info
Dorcy SLP 3 'N' 1 - 11308S
Dorcy SLP 3 'N' 1
Three function item. 5mm white LED light source, stylus for all touch screen devices, medium point black ink ball pen all in a heavy duty aluminium casing. Includes three LR41 replaceable alkaline button cell batteries.
minimum order 100
FROM £1.94 TO £2.61 more info
Valencia Metal Ballpen - 03103V
Valencia Metal Ballpen
A contemporary styled twist action ballpen in brushed stainless steel or three gloss lacquered colours with bright nickel fittings and a metal Cross style black ink refill. Laser engraving and presentation boxes are available at an additional cost.
minimum order 100
FROM £1.95 TO £2.21 more info
Recycled Tyre Pencil Case - 04707S
Recycled Tyre Pencil Case
Pencil cases made from UK recycled tyres, manufactured in the UK. Made from 70 - 85% recycled UK waste material.
minimum order 250
FROM £1.97 TO £2.61 more info
Softstar Alu Ballpen - 02406S
Softstar Alu Ballpen
Classic retractable ballpen with anodised aluminium barrel and soft feel grip. Large capacity blue ink refill.
minimum order 150
FROM £1.97 TO £2.19 more info
Lowton Soft Stylus Pen - 11408S
Lowton Soft Stylus Pen
A multi-functional pen with an LED light at one end and a Soft Stylus on the other.
minimum order 100
FROM £1.97 TO £2.85 more info
Delgado Metal Ballpen - 02502V
Delgado Metal Ballpen
Slim silhouette, strong branding. Classic styled push cap mechanism ballpen with metal barrel and high shine chrome trim. Fitted with large capacity metal refill.
minimum order 100
FROM £1.98 TO £2.17 more info
Laser Pointer/flashlight Ball Pen - 10607R
Laser Pointer/flashlight Ball Pen
A useful and practical laser pointer flashlight and ballpen with rubber grip
minimum order 100
FROM £2.00 TO £2.60 more info
Pens are used so often in our day-to-day lives that it is vital to have the right pens for the right occasions. This selection of promotional pens features many affordable yet great quality writing pens, from low cost giveaway ballpens with click or screw caps through to multi-functional pens,a great business gift, which features the bonus of a stylus. These multi-function pens are ideal for those on the go, who can use their pen and their gadgets such as phones or tablets in one. 

The promotional pen market roughly divides into three types of business gifts. First is what we in the promotional gift trade call a scatter gift. This is an item which is a low cost gift , probably around 25p to 35p each and you are happy to freely give them away to promote your brand. This low cost gift is one which the user probably does not mind loosing , so they easily pass on your corporate promotional message for you, most likely to another associate of theirs. The next level of promotional pen is called an advertising pen. This is likely to cost around 35p to around £1 each. The advertising pen is probably going to be kept bu your client and you promotional logo is going to be loud and clear on the item promoting your company. However this pen is not a very personal gift, that title goes to the next level. The personal promotional gift is for one of your top clients and the prices start at around £1 and go upwards of £50 each. Clearly on this sort of business gift the print will be subtle, your client will keep this gift and try not to lose it and they will remember who gave it to them; that means the person and the company that person is associated with. The promotional pen then is truly the most popular promotional product because everyone can use one and their is a suitable promotional pen for every pocket.
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